As a web designer, I spend a lot of time on stock photo sites looking for images that will compliment a client’s content. Sometimes there are plenty of options to choose from, other times pickin’s are SLIM. Then there are sometimes where you come across something that makes you do a double take, perhaps even a triple take.

I’ve come across enough of the later types of images that I’ve finally decided to take a moment to share some of these wondrous, whiplash inducing, stock photos with people who might not spend as much time searching through images to suit their needs.

Unexpected meeting on the coast


So for the first ever WTF!? Stock Imagery post I present to you a result from the search for “Horse”. Photo by iStock user Iridi.

Found on the second line of the first page of results for “horse”, other keywords included for the photo include – “Heat-Temperature”, “Animal Mane”, “Domestic Animals”, “Meeting”, and of course “Mistake”



Posted by Rebecca