Hi there, I am Becca Cain, and I have been making websites and using Adobe Photoshop for over 16 years.

In 2000 my family entered the new millennium with the purchase of our very first home computer. I dove into web design at home and began learning HTML and CSS on my own. Somehow, within a week of the computer's arrival I had already built my first website (dedicated to my favorite band at the time).

Building websites was something I considered to be fun and I really couldn't see myself making a career out of it. When it came time to declare a major in college I chose to major in Psychology. However, After using my degree in the "real world", I came to the realization that while I love the subject of psychology, I was burnt out from the actual job.

I took a break from working in the field of psychology and got back in touch with my creative side. I spent more time using photoshop, I worked as a photographer, and eventually web design came back into the picture. My then boyfriend (now husband), suggested that we start working for ourselves doing web design and I said "why the hell not".

Seven+ years later I am happy to say we are still in business and doing pretty well for ourselves. My background in psychology has proven to be quite useful when creating beautiful and functional websites that engage users.

When I am not making my mark on the internet I can be found running, tending to plants, cooking delicious food, creating art, and being a crazy bunny lady.

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